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Ever dreamed of having your own private Hawaiian Island? We've all made that wish. Lanai is the next best thing. A small isle that once was one enormous pineapple plantation is now a protective retreat from the cares of the world for those who want an intimate experience. One without crowds, loud bars or anything resembling a highway. Come here and drift along in tropical serenity as no other Island.

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    Rekindle Your Romance at Sweetheart Rock (Puu Pehe)

    Hawaiian legend tells of a Lanai warrior who hid his lady love from Maui in the sea cliffs so her people wouldn't be able to take her back. A storm came up one day while he was away, tragically drowing the girl. The grief-stricken warrior climbed this rock and, after burying his sweetheart on top, jumped off to join her in the afterlife.

    Today couples make pilgrimages here to promise their love eternally, often taking in the sunset together from here. Why not make your own special memory in this legendary spot, too?

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    An Island of Exclusivity & Luxury

    Lanai has only 3 hotels, greatly limiting the number of vistors to the Island at any time. One is the historic Hotel Lanai, the other 2 are 5 Star resorts, both run by the Four Seasons. Services, accomodations and amenities at The Lodge at Koele and the Resort Lanai at Manela Bay are all top level, intended to make your vacation one of exceptional comfort.

    You can take on their golf courses, designed by Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus, and see if you're up to the challenge, try clay pigeon shooting or go horseback riding using the horses from the Lodge's stables. If there's a higher grade to vacationing in Hawaii, it's found on Lanai.

  • Adventure Awaits You

    That's not a ship passing by in the picture. It's an old wreck that found its final resting place there in the 1940's. It still sits today by the appropriately named Shipwreck Beach.

    Many vessels over the years have met their end near, and even on, these sands. As you do your beachcombing here you can often see Maui & Molokai in the distance. Standing on these sands you'll feel like you're in a tale told by Robert Louis Stevenson!

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This singular experience, taken in Island form, is ready for you. Want more background on this unique Isle? You can get that on our More About Lanai page. Or read reviews of the 3 hotels on Lanai and even see photos of rooms and amenities right now:

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